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We are Friends From The City: a modern digital company focused on impact.

We help transform government agencies through human-centered design and software development.


Content, Design & Engineering together in perfect alignment.

We take a modern, thoughtful approach to human-centered design and inclusive technology by developing accessible products that serve everyone.

HCD Interactive Process →
UX Strategy

We take a human-first approach to designing digital experiences.

Content Strategy

We transform the complicated into the simple.

UX Research

We provide empathetic context and insights to the design process.

UX/UI Design

We simplify interfaces by making them easy to use and understand.

FE Engineering

We design intuitive, accessible and user-friendly web applications.

BE Engineering

We develop simple, secure and maintainable architectures.


We believe ethical, private-sector innovation belongs in government spaces.

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Leading agencies through digital transformations is our favorite thing, but understanding people is where we shine brightest.

Our Capability Statement →

The client experience is important to us. We understand learning new tools and processes is challenging, so we nurture strong client relationships through teaching and capacity building.

At Friends, our approach is better defined as seamless integration, and less domination. We’re great listeners. The trust and mutual respect we develop with our clients are the foundation for our success.

People first.

Providing equity as a service is fundamental to who we are, and how we work. At Friends, we practice intentional hiring.

Our delivery teams are comprised of people whose unique lenses represent the greater diversity of the population we serve. Providing equity as a service ensures we’re creating products that meet the needs of all users, no matter who they are.


We’re impacting the lives of millions by inspiring new possibilities in how the government does business.

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Our role in supporting our federal partners is essential, and we don’t take it for granted. Our influence is greater than systems and practices–it’s always about the people we serve. We never lose sight of that.

We actually can make spaces for everyone. But it requires the creatives, academics, intellectuals, those who think with their hearts-the emotionally intelligent ones, to all come together on the same platform with the same driving and unifying forces to see this world improve.”

Lauryn Hill

We are creating a culture that amplifies everyone's ideas and voices. We admire people who value the unique differences in others–people motivated to make a positive impact in the world.

At Friends, we know perspective influences design, sparks inspiration, and challenges norms. We’re proud to support Historically Underrepresented Groups (H.U.G.S).

What we
believe in.

Be kind.
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We believe good manners are developed in-house. At Friends, we maintain an internal culture of consideration and mutual respect. We bring kindness to every client interaction.

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Be inspired to inspire.
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We encourage people to share what they know and then be a light to others.

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Always be learning.
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We have a learning culture at Friends. We prioritize professional growth, which increases confidence and provides added value for our clients.

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Focus on the possibilities.
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The word “no” means closed doors and missed opportunities. At Friends, we seek the potential in every situation. We lead with “yes” as often as we can.

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Consider all perspectives.
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We gain new insights when we approach every interaction with an open mind. Being open to other points of view creates empathy and helps us see the world with fresh eyes.

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Be transparent.
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We operate in the open. Being transparent eliminates confusion and ambiguity, saves time, and strengthens trust.

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Your authentic self is the best version.
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We welcome everyone at Friends From The City. We’ve cultivated an environment where everyone is encouraged to show up as their authentic selves.

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